Proper nutrition is extremely important to our school. As parents, you have witnessed first hand and we certainly see everyday how proper fuel for our kids can significantly affect their energy, mood and focus. We are proud that our kids are constantly trying new foods and our parents are happy and often surprised to hear what their children are enjoying for lunch.

The food we provide a gluten-free, casein-free, organic (where possible), low sugar, free of MSG & corn syrup. The children and the staff enjoy nutritious, delicious and balanced lunches every day.

The children are also greatly involved in the meals, they help set the table, clear their own plates and take turns washing the dishes - setting up good habits for home as well!


Our menu

  • Monday

Asian Style Rice, season fruit

  • tuesday

Potato Soup, sweet plantain, season fruit

  • wednesday

Rice Pasta with tomato sauce and veggies, fruit salad

  • Thursday

Vegetarian Tacos, banana ice cream

  • friday

Minestrone Soup, oat meal bread, season fruit