We moved from Canada to Costa Rica 5 years ago.  One of the only reservations I had about our move, is that there was not a Waldorf School for our then 2 year old daughter to attend.  With a few years to spare before we had to think about school, we made the leap!  We were very happy to discover that Guanacaste Waldorf School opened up just down the jungle road from our Costa Rican home! Our daughter is now 6 and will be attending second grade at GWS! She LOVES it, as do we.  GWS has a beautiful, supportive and nurting staff.  They care deeply about the success of each individual child, and work as part of the "parent team" to grow the success of each child.  Thank you GWS!

Hali Love | June, 2015

Our daughter Ambar has participated in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten groups in the past two years. This year she will start first grade. We are very happy with this school project-family, since that is what we feel it really is. We are a group of families where we all know each other, including teachers, and that, in my opinion, is something very precious, to know and experience the moral values of educators first hand. The school has grown steadily, there have always been changes and progress, of course with much effort.

Veronica and Steve are two people very prepared to develop this dream. It is not easy to create a school, but the most important thing is to feel the warmth and love that vibrates every day, from the teachers, the volunteers and their founders.

For all this and more we invite you to join this family-school, in the heart of Guanacaste, to really experience the nature and pure life.

Alejandra Parodi and Martin Salerno | August, 2015