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The curriculum at the Rise School is carefully crafted to provide a broad and engaging learning experience that unfolds over time.  With an excellent team whole-heartedly committed to teaching through play and experience, we provide an artistic and academically rich environment that celebrates creativity over test scores and cooperation over competition.  This fosters a lifelong love of learning in the children that activates their intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Accept the children with reverence; educate them with love; send them forth in freedom.

Rudolf Steiner. - Founder of Waldorf Education

Our new school building was designed by a firm of architects experienced in Waldorf education, including the renowned Casa de Las Estrellas school in Guanacaste.
It is crafted to seamlessly blend with its natural surroundings. Each structure mirrors a leaf, delicately nestled among the trees, fostering a tranquil and creative atmosphere.

Some classrooms are elevated, providing a distinctive perspective reminiscent of being nestled among the branches.
This design cultivates a deep bond with nature, providing an environment that not only envelops students in its beauty but also fosters creativity, inspiring them to explore and innovate
Moreover, the campus will be enriched with additional facilities, including a cafeteria and an amphitheater, completing the educational experience.

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